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Hi beautiful Pharaoh, Eder here :)

my Story begins at around age 19 when out of nowhere i went from dealing with a random teenage pimple here and there to full 4th degree acne within 4 months!
it seemed so strange to me that i would now be dealing with severe acne as i was about to leave my teen years, but in my world, everything happens for a reason . after trying a plethora of products for a year and staying up till 2:00 a.m. in the morning researching everything i could about skincare, my acne finally started disappearing. at that point i had learned so much and was so fascinated from seeing how my skin was healing that i kind of became obsessed with skincare; I wanted to learn everything i could about it so that's when i enrolled into Beauty school :) 

during the year of trying to heal my skin from acne i learned i was allergic to meat & dairy which was the main cause for my severe acne. This was the beginning of me starting my mission in life which is to bring in divine healing energy and heal my fellow humans. because everything is energy, meat and dairy, (Along with coffee and alcohol), hold a heavy dense vibrational energy and it made my body struggle being a pillar of light to allow in higher divine healing energy to heal people. acne was and still is my physical reminder to keep my body in a higher vibrational state to continuously allow in and hold divine healing energy.
During my amazing experience at international School of Beauty, i quickly became aware that there wouldn't be anything basic about my facial treatments as i realized my hands seemed to take control and do way more. there's a deeper holistic connection my hands and i have with a client when doing a facial treatment; my hands simply communicate with you physically and energetically. The facial experience can feel a little medical in the beginning but then pure holistic pampering for the second half. overall, the feeling is an extremely relaxed state of high vibration which clients have mentioned felt like they were on some blissful high after.

giving a client a treatment is not about slapping on product and then removing it but creating healing experience filled with energy and artistry. it's not about just healing your skin but healing and rejuvenating you on the inside as well as I believe if the inside is balanced, then the outside can reflect that. what i do for people and clients is very deep and spiritual for me and clients feel it. they feel my intent and the amount of energy i give. Having a client feel re-energized and re-balanced after is one one of my greatest joys in life.  

why the Egyptian theme and eye of horus?
The Ancient Egyptians were connected to the sirian Star energy which is very healing; i am connected to the sirian and pleiadian energies and bring in these healing energies during my treatments. 
 The eye of horus is a magical sign of power, divinity, and your third eye (pineal gland) connection to all that is.  Pharaoh Skin is a healing place where modern Pharaohs, (you), can come to relax, rejuvenate, re-balance and heal because you are powerful, you are divine, you are a god, a pharaoh of your life and you deserve to be pampered. 

Lets step into the Golden Era in the age of Aquaria together.

​Sending you high vibrational healing energy.

3D --> 5D

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