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Same great formula, only stronger. With this tincture we now pack a full 1000mg into one 30ml bottle to deliver higher potency doses for those in need of an extra kick of goodness. This 1000mg tincture delivers approx 35mg per 1ml dose, about a half glass pipette. Our customers say our CBD is one of the purest and best tasting on the market – always crystal clear, no sludgy mouth feel and no earthy or pungent taste – just pure CBD with a hint of peppermint. We source our base CBD oil from organic, non-GMO growers in California and vigorously lab test for pesticides, mold, bacteria, and man made chemicals to ensure what you put in your body is pure, safe, and effective. Our products are 100% vegan and always free of corn, gluten, soy, sugar and dyes.

Additional information about this CBD product:

  • Whole plant, Full Spectrum Cannabis CBD extract by distillate methods
  • Contains 1000mg CBD per bottle
  • Blended with organic MCT oil as a carrier to increase absorption speed and bioavailability
  • 3rd Party lab tested at Cannalysis of Santa Ana, CA – pass rating on all measures
  • Delivers 35mg CBD per dose, double the industry standard regular dose
  • Sourced from California hemp grows, grown organically
  • NO THC, all labs shows well under the federal legal limit of .3%
  • Free of corn, gluten, soy, sugar or dyes. Vegan & Non-GMO.
  • Available in Peppermint flavor only

Use directions:

Work SERENE CBD into your daily health ritual by simply placing a 1/4 to half dropper full under the tongue for quick delivery of CBD and controlled dosing. One half dropper delivers 20mg of CBD, a standard dose. CBD is known to be safe and well tolerated even in high doses and has very mild side effects but PLEASE consult your physician before taking CBD and educate yourself on any potential interactions with your current medication regimen. SERENE CBD meets the federal maximum THC content requirement of .3% or under, it will not get you “high.”

Our sourcing

Quality is our #1 priority. Through our closed loop process, we source our CBD plants from trusted organic growers in California then use supercritical CO2 extraction process with “whole plant” material that produces a pure and highly effective “Full Spectrum” CBD oil extract. We manage all aspects of production and bottling and our oils and final products are 3rd party lab tested to ensure our product is free of pesticides, mold, bacteria or harmful solvents. All materials are Made in the USA.

Giving back:

SERENE CBD is owned by Lyme fighters and supports the Lyme Disease community by giving back a portion of our proceeds! Through our partnership with the LymeLight Foundation of California, SERENE donates $3 from every online sale of our top selling Oral Tincture. LymeLight’s mission is to provide grants to financially strained families of children and young adults with Lyme disease to enable them receive proper treatment. Press release and more details on our blog page. Learn more about the LymeLight Foundation here.

1000mg Edible drops 1oz (peppermint)